Artist Statement

I have been weaving baskets for over 35 years. I began weaving because I was very interested in 18th century history and I admired how utilitarian, everyday items were handmade with such skill. Basket making particularly intrigued me as I enjoyed working with natural fibers such as plant and wood-based materials. I am essentially self-taught. I learned by reading books, as well as by visiting historical sites and craft fairs to observe other craftsmen weaving.

 It gives me great satisfaction to be able to take flat pieces of material and weave them into 3-dimensional, functional objects. I especially love making rib-style egg baskets, which have two pouches on either side of the handle. This is the most challenging type of basket to make, but it is also the most rewarding. The challenge of making the rib-style basket is achieving two pouches that are symmetrical.

I have made a point in my career to reach out to the younger generation and teach basket weaving so that they can learn basket making and the history behind the craft. I feel that it is my duty as a basket maker to do what I can to keep this rich tradition alive.