Photo Gallery - Baskets - Rib and Stake Construction-White Ash and Reed

Sampling of baskets made in the past and present.                   
Contact if you are interested in one of these basket styles. 
Styles may be duplicated but coloring is unique to each basket. In stock baskets are priced. 

12" Egg Basket

Field/Potato Basket

Henry's Easter Basket

Bread Basket with Heating Tile

Multi- Market Basket

Fall Collection - Service Basket, Hanging Basket, Field Basket, Mail Basket - hand painted fall leaves, 7" Egg Basket

Basket Necklace - Hand Pounded Ash.
Pumpkin has removal lid. Reed hand dyed and pumpkin stem from a pumpkin is attached  $32.00 

10" Egg Basket

 12" Egg Basket Green Multi

Garden Basket

Paper Recycle Basket

Service Basket

Pumpkin Basket (left natural at customer's request)

Field/Potato Basket - Multi Teal/Black

Field/Potato - Natural Vine - Honey Suckle 

Field basket - Virginia Creeper rim 
another view below. 

Small Autumn Field Basket - Virginia Creeper rim

Vine Field Basket

Stair Step Basket

8" Egg Basket

Storage basket - Red and Black

Holiday Collection - Napkin baskets, Hanging Pine Tree, Mail Basket-hand painted pine trees, Holiday pine tree, Double Bottom fruit bowl, Hand woven Reindeer, !0" Woven Star, and Williamsburg Basket.